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Water is the most essential element for life on earth.

The Only Animal invites ‘Generation Hot’ artists born in the era of climate change to investigate the theme of water in site-specific performances on Granville Island.  These works will premiere in the Waterborne program of the 2017 Vancouver Fringe, September 7-17.

What is your most personal connection to water?
What stories need to be told about water now?
How can sharing these stories link artists and audiences to renewed possibility and effective action?

Generation Hot: Waterborne is a five-month mentorship program for youth/emerging artists ages 17-24 creating new short  performances.  Learn from The Only Animal artists: leaders in site-specific and elementally-inspired theatre creation. Mentorship will support you developing your idea from a gleam in your eye through opening night. Partner organizations will help participants engage with the topic and relevant communities. Combining the personal and the social, this process will provoke your artistic courage within a supportive group setting.

We are seeking a diverse group of artists to participate in this project. We especially encourage artists who self-identify as Indigenous, Métis, POC, LGBTQI2, and from a spectrum of abilities to consider applying. Snacks are provided and assistance with transit costs is available for workshops.

We welcome artists from all levels of experience to apply! Your passion, commitment, willingness to learn, and excitement for creating public performances on this topic are what matter most!

Applications open at 10 AM on January 13 and will be accepted until February 28. (APPLICATION DEADLINE EXTENDED. LIMITED REMAINING SPACES.)

Artists in the program will attend 12 three-hour workshops between April and August 2017.
Our goal is supporting the creation of your short (20-30 minute) show responding to climate change. During the workshops we will share research, learn from scientists and activists, watch the work of other artists, source and tell stories, get on our feet, and shape your personal response to the climate moment into something that can be shared with an audience. We encourage the Generation Hot artists to collaborate and cooperate with each other as much as possible.
Generation Hot is being facilitated by Eric Rhys Miller, Artistic Producer of The Only Animal, lead mentor for DAREU! winner of the 2015 Fringe Artistic Risk Award and co-mentor for the Generation Hot 2016 program.
Key information:
    •    Workshops run April-August 2017 on Wednesday evenings from 5:00-8:00pm
    •    The program is free to participants: artists must commit to attending the entire series of workshops
    •    Artists agree to focus their Fringe efforts this year only on this program: no other Fringe shows please
    •    Artists agree to write, cast, direct, rehearse, and produce their shows to be ready for the Fringe run
    •    Artists are responsible for their own rehearsal space and schedule
    •    Setup and take down between shows will be approximately 5 minutes. Productions must be light on set/props and provide their own running crew as needed.
    •    We will provide a covered space for an actor dressing room during the run and a program Technical Director/Stage Manager to assist with tech rehearsals and performances.
    •    The program will have a low-carbon footprint and encourages the use of up-cycled materials and a dedication to lowering environmental impact throughout the process.
    •    Artists are guaranteed at least 6 performances in the run of the Fringe
    •    The Fringe provides front of house, box office, and inclusion in the Fringe program and website
    •    The Only Animal will help artists to market the program by providing postcards, posters, and social media.
    •    Productions will receive an equal percentage of all box office sales and are responsible for their own production budgets.

Applications are accepted as of JANUARY 13 and will close FEBRUARY 15. To be considered for the program, please send answers to the questions below to Eric Rhys Miller at
-Lead Artist name & contact info (address, cell phone, email)
-What are your three top reasons for participating in Generation Hot: Waterborne?
-What, if any, experiences in performance or theatre creation have you had?
-Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about yourself?


The Only Animal creates cultivates and inspires theatre work that arises from a deep engagement with place.