The Company

Kendra Fanconi, Artistic Director and Co-Founder

Kendra Fanconi is the Artistic Director of The Only Animal, a 16-year-old company that is uniquely dedicated to theatre that springs from a deep engagement with place, and towards solutionary outcomes for this climate moment. She is known for her love of the impossible. Selected Credits for directing/writing: World premiere of Slime, written by Bryony Lavery, tinkers, based on the Pulitzer-Prize winning novel by Paul Harding, Nothing But Sky, a living comic book (Jessie for Significant Artistic Achievement), NiX, theatre of snow and ice, at the 2010 Cultural Olympiad and Enbridge Festival, Alberta Theatre Projects 2009, (Winner of Betty Mitchell Award and Vancouver’s Critic’s Choice Award for Innovation). Current projects include 1000 Year Theatre and Museum of Rain. Kendra leads the Artist Brigade, bringing arts and artists to the front lines of the climate movement. Kendra is a founding member and a coordinating circle member of SCALE, Sectoral Climate Arts Leadership for the Emergency, where she is a conduit for the Artist Mobilization Working Group, fondly known as the Art Mob. Kendra lives on Shíshálh land on the far left coast of Canada, and is a farmer, a forager, and mother to two kids who are real characters.


Lisa Goebel, Producer

Lisa first met The Only Animal while developing a collective creation in theatre school, and she’s been working on new play development and interdisciplinary collaborations ever since. She has produced with companies including Touchstone Theatre, The Chop Theatre, Awkward Stage, and Motherload Collective. From 2017-2019 Lisa was the Festival Coordinator for the Vancouver Outsider Art’s Festival with the Community Arts Council of Vancouver. In addition to producing, Lisa works as an actor, choreographer, and intimacy director. She is the resident choreographer with the Filipinx folk-dance company, Kababayang Pilipino. Lisa holds a BA in Psychology from SFU and is a graduate of Studio 58. She is currently studying Diversity and Inclusion at UBC and examining how to integrate these practices into the theatre ecology.


Liam Kearns, Associate Producer

Liam Kearns is a queer, Vancouver-based Stage Manager and Production Manager that first got the opportunity to work with The Only Animal as their stage manager for their production of tinkers.  He is best known within the city for working on shows that push the boundaries of what theatre is and can be. Some of the impossible, larger-than-life shows he’s worked on include The Number 14 (Axis Theatre Company), Mary’s Wedding (Shoreline Theatre), The List (BoucheWacked! Theatre Company), Robin Hood (ITSAZOO Productions), Bollywood Wedding (South Asian Arts), Debts (ITSAZOO Productions), Killer Joe (ITSAZOO Productions), Where The Wild Things Are (Presentation House Theatre), Haunted (ITSAZOO Productions), The Ridiculous Darkness (Alley Theatre/Neworld Theatre), and SLIME (The Only Animal). He has also worked for the Production Department of Arts Umbrella, the Vancouver Outsider Arts Festival (VOAF), the Vancouver Fringe Festival, and the Granville Island Cultural Society (GICS). An influential hobby outside the arts realm is his love of geocaching, a GPS-enabled treasure hunt where one seeks out real containers hidden in the real world. It has expanded his mind in ways he never would have imagined, much like the theatre that he pursues expands the very definition of what theatre is and can be. 


Colin Cooper, Operations Manager

Colin Cooper began solving huge technical design problems for The Only Animal in its 2005 inaugural production of Other Freds, including designing a 25’ long underwater steel bridge that satisfyingly and safely ‘defied the law of basic physics’ while allowing seven actors to hover in the waters of False Creek, Vancouver.  He was also roped into designing and constructing our dome-based theatre of snow and ice for NiX in Calgary and in Whistler, for the 2010 Cultural Olympiad.  Colin was Production Manager for Granville Island Cultural Society from 1999-2011.  He now oversees finances, manages productions, and books retreat rentals for The Only Animal.  He has overseen productions and solved technical and logistical problems for the Vancouver Fringe Festival, Theatre Calgary, Theatre Replacement, PI Theatre, Carousel Theatre, and See Seven, among others.  Colin received his training from The Banff Centre and U.B.C’s Fine Arts program in Design/Technical Theatre.