The Only Animal started as a way to change the world through creative disruption of everyday Vancouver. Founded in 2005 by Kendra Fanconi and Eric Rhys Miller our first piece was Other Freds a clown show about parallel worlds, on False Creek with a cast of 135, birds, boats and a bicycle ballet. An appetite for the impossible continues to be a driving force. Our 2007 remount of the play-in-a-pool, The One that Got Away, won the Audience’s Choice for the best show in 10-year history of Canada’s national theatre festival, Magnetic North.  NiX, Canada’s first theatre of snow and ice at 2010 Olympics, began our focus of the natural world as our primary media. NiX also opened in the warmest winter in 126 years, and we met climate change head on. Our youth educational program became focussed on climate with Generation Hot, (now in its 7th year) which combines climate literacy, creative tools and mentorship for original climate theatre creation, for generation whose lives are shaped by the crisis. Community-engaged practice in DTES started the next year with projects like Out on a Limb and 2nd Story. Our mainstage work followed into art for social change began with Tinkers, was the first adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize winning novel, by Paul Harding, part of a ten-show series to save an endangered, old-growth forest which was being logged. In 2018 with Banff Centre we co-created the world-premiere of Slime, with Bryony Lavery, a Tony-nominated playwright from the UK. It featured the voice of 100 animals, whose existence is threatened by the climate emergency. Over 15 years we have created over 30 shows, and been nominated for 40 Jessie Awards, winning 8, including Outstanding Production and 3 times for Significant Artistic Achievement.  We foster and promote diverse leadership in our growing team.