Why we do what we do…


You are mineral and animal. You are water and matter. You know roots and sky. You think in story. You travel backwards in time and imagine your future. You are the only animal who can do that. We make theatre for you.

The Only Animal creates immersive work that arises from a deep engagement with place. The elements are our main media: water, sand, snow and ice and trees. We mix these media with theatrical adventurism, and a love of the extreme. Our performances seek to connect us with all that we are: our elemental identity. The backbone of our humanity. And forge new ways of understanding how to be on earth.

We act on huge stages; the forests, the ocean, human possibility. There we find enormous challenges of the times, including the climate challenges that threaten our existence as a species. We seek creative ways forward and solutionary actions. We love the impossible.

We create theatre to thrill the blood, stir the soul and revitalize the planet.