#16: Year of the Typewriter | January 6, 2018


Back on the Health Trail and headed into the new part of the trail through the big cedars way up the trail. We did Treasure Trail on the beginning of this trail, and it was nice to check on the caches as I went along…the low light and the intense greenery makes it feel like swimming undergreen. It made me hold my breath. A slow low swim of a hike. And in this heavy season, my eyes often on the ground.

img_8338_0.jpg    img_8353.jpg

Then my first sighting of winter chanterelle. There is a rush of recognition, of longing, it’s the airport Christmas reunion of the forest world. I picked a mittenfull…I can’t explain the tenderness of seeing these friends back again, months after I had expected them. Some matrix of damp and coolth and warmth brings em up. Small trumpets. A ringing in the winter woods.

img_8347.jpg    img_8351.jpg