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The Drawing Board

Have you always yearned to see The Only Animal create a show from the beginning?  Here is your chance. Sign up now for The Drawing Board and join a select group invited into the rehearsal room for our upcoming show, Nothing But Sky, a living comic book bioplay about the artists who created Superman. From January 21 - February 21 get a weekly window into our rehearsal process including:  First Read-through, Design Experiments, Block and Polish, a glimpse into Tech and finally attend our Opening Night as our very special guest! Each session culminates in a conversation with Director and Playwright Kendra Fanconi. The Only Animal believes in creative transparency. we want you to witness the truth of the thing: the moments of inspiration, the vibe in the room that makes the thing come to life, and the big flops where we all head back to the Drawing Board. Cost: $100 includes your opening night ticket. Sign up by November 15th and get a special sneak-peek into the process as a bonus. The Only Animal: taking theatre places it has never been before….

The Only Animal creates cultivates and inspires theatre work that arises from a deep engagement with place.