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Nothing But Sky Hits the Rehearsal Hall

Hello! Lois Dawson here! Having worked with The Only Animal in a few ways in the past (Stage Managing Stupid is as Stupid Does and running the first two years of the Onsite program to name a couple of ways), Kendra reached out to me last week and asked if I'd be interested in helping her open up the doors to The Only Animal's process on Nothing But Sky. Never one to pass up a new opportunity, I said yes. Over the next month as we prepare to open Nothing But Sky I'll be slipping into the rehearsal hall to get you some advance photos, interview the artists, and try to keep the important secrets surprises. It's a big task but I think I'm up to it. This morning I woke up to the following email from Kendra that she has allowed me to share with all of you:

This is the first day of rehearsal for Nothing But Sky and we are exactly one month away from opening night. Most shows I am a nervous wreck on the first day. This year I am a tired wreck. I think that says something about maturing/aging/working with video animation. 

In the last weeks as I stopped writing the play and started to do my director's prep, I found myself surprised by the play. It really isn't what I thought it was when I was writing it. That whole line of musing in rehearsal halls, "what did the playwright intend here...' Load of bunk. The playwright has a muse and the director another. Each speaks a truth but each in her own language. Even true when those two share...a name in this case. 

Looking forward to the production meeting at the very end of the first day where, among other things, I'll get a glimpse of the experiment stage the pool noodle wig...

- K

Pool noodle wig? I'm intrigued. 


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