The Only Animal: Where will they take us next?

We welcome you to our 13th season.

This year we are coming to you in 100 marine animal languages, and through translation of a wet, West-coast landscape where we have taken up residence. Its a year dedicated to translation, and also to action, as we work with Georgia Strait Alliance and also with Elphinstone Logging Focus to create solutionary impacts in the Salish Sea and our local forests. Finally, we’ll be looking to activate your inner crank. Find out more on how to be involved in all these shenanigans as an artist and an audience by coming to our AGM: deets below. We want to take you places.

In the theatre:

SLIME a biophonic adventure for 7 actors and 100 animals, by Bryony Lavery
A work of sonic theatre about the impact of climate change on the 'great animal orchestra' - the biophony - and from which we have become dangerously disconnected by our infatuation with the sound of our own human voices. Co-produced by Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity and The Only Animal in partnership with Georgia Straight Alliance.



In the wilds:

Year of the Typewriter experiments in translating the landscape
Writer Kendra Fanconi and her Remington Rand typewriter-backpack are in residence this year in the rare low-elevation rainforest of Clack Creek that is currently being logged.

With dramaturgy by Ruth Little. In partnership with Elphinstone Logging Focus. We acknowledge the support of the Theatre Arts Residency program at Banff Centre in the creation of this work.



and in development:

CRANK a series of revolutions
 Consider Thoreau, Hunterwasser, Captain Paul Watson, Ted Kazinski, Weibo Ludwig and that guy who blew up pipelines but was never caught. Cranks. A crank is a creator of radical thought. With personal solutions for global problems. E.F. Schumacher says, “A crank is a very elegant device. It’s small, its strong, its lightweight, energy efficient and it makes revolutions.”
An audience-activated show for one person of extreme duration, CRANK is designed to wind you up.

Up Next...

The Only Animal and Pi Theatre are partnering to produce an afternoon of artistic response to climate change by some of Vancouver's finest artists. Climate Change Theatre Action II is a worldwide series of readings and performances of short climate change plays presented biennially in support of the United Nations Conference of the Parties (COP meetings). 
Join us on Sunday November 12th at the Red Gate Revue Stage on Granville Island to take action against climate change! Last time we did this event it sold out - arrive early to avoid disappointment.

Doors will be at 1:30pm with the show starting at 2pm. Admission is by donation.

Wanna hear more? Come to our Annual General Meeting:

Annual General Meeting
Sunday November 12th 3:30-4:30 after Climate Change Theatre Action II
Revue Stage, Granville Island
stay after for snacks and a little more about our upcoming year...

  • How do you write a play for humans + 100 animal species? Find out about SLIME.

  • Year of the Typewriter will expand its experimentation phase next year and will be looking for 26 artists. How can you get involved?

  • Find out how to be a test audience for CRANK and see what duration means to us!

We hope to see you there!