Over 100 chances to be part of this theatrical experiment!


Come play with us. Spots are filling fast!

Two Vancouver indie theatre companies, The Only Animal and Upintheair are working on an innovative new show for PUSH... and we need your help.

The show, The City & The City is a dystopian murder mystery where the audience are cast in the roles in the show. You receive instructions via headset and become the characters. Sound interesting? Keep reading!

Of course, we can’t rehearse this show without constantly testing it on people who are new to it. So we are looking for about 200 volunteers to help us rehearse the show. We've already started filling spots, but there are still many spots available for your participation!

There are solo roles and choral ones, something for everyone. We’d gladly have you come and do something solo, then come back during tech week and do something different. Those of you who are not actors, terrific! we need to see how that works. Those of you who are actors, terrific! We need to see how that works. with all sorts.

The roles are first come first serve So don’t hesitate to get in touch now for our January rehearsals. Our rehearsals are in Vancouver, and we will release the location details when you sign up with us. We are currently looking for people for:

Saturday January 21st 7:15-10:00pm

We invite you to come in and experiment with us. Your helping push the envelope on innovation, and also getting in the room with us, often 1-on-1 and letting us fall in love with your creative spirit. Remember, The Only Animal has paid opportunities for lots of emerging artists this season—so we’d like to get to know you! Come on out.

Who shouldn’t get in touch with us: If you are the kind of person who is going to sign up and then cancel, or worse, sign up and then just not show up, you’ll be hurting the project so please, if that’s you, step away from the keyboard….

But otherwise, we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch with your availability to Lisa at lisa@theonlyanimal.com and we will sign you up today!