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Post #4: Year of the Typewriter | October 12, 2017


This trail was made my some folk who really know the forestand want to lead you to the treasure. It was made by Elphinstone Logging Focus, the forest advocacy group that is trying to take this big green mountain and preserve it as a Provincial Park. Now about 169Ha are set aside, in three small parcels. Its not a real preserve right now--it’s just a thin thing. But the Health trail connects those three parcels, and it helps to imagine a park of about 2100 Ha that would actually protect the rare low elevation coastal rain forest ecosystem.

All I want to do this week is to figure out what kind of lines I might use to type up the story of this forest.

Just looking at lines. Crennalated, curving, branching, dotted, sun-straining, water following lines…











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