Art of Resistance

May 2020

Everyone is affected by climate crisis. But those under 25 are known as Generation Hot, because their entire lives will be shaped by global warming. Global youth protest is the new face of the climate movement. These youth are keen to innovate the tired motifs of protest into new, energetic art. Our role is to provide them tools to revitalize the art of protest to reflect a new generation of creative change makers. Art of Resistance is an arts mentorship program for youth empowering them to innovate their revolution.


"We will Rise" by Sustainabiliteens' Natalie Chang and Juno Avila-Clark:


"Healing at a Cost" by Chantal Gering, Anjalica Soloman and Desiree Dawson:


"contrast" by Alex Masse:


"Choose Your Own Adventure 1", by Jenna Masuhara:

For the rest of this adventure, please follow along on The Only Animal's YouTube channel!


"Earth Day" by Madeline Setzer: