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Artist Brigade

1000 Pop-Up Hearts

Artist Brigade


Working in cross-sector partnerships in order to bring imagination, vision and heart of artists into the climate narrative in order to mobilize a society paralyzed by climate anxiety and grief.

Artist Brigade is a leaderless, national movement to encourage exponential growth of artists involvement. We launched this fall with three collaborations with Vancouver’s youth climate strikers, Sustainabiliteens. With them we made September’s Imagine-In, October’s 1000 Pop-Up Hearts, in October, to Futurefest Flash Mob in November. We are actively recruiting artists who want to collaborate on solutionary actions in this time of climate emergency. Email info(at) with the subject line BIG YES and we will tell you more. There are emerging opportunities to train, create, network across disciplines, and create a new culture for a society in transition. Be in touch.

Partners: We are inspired, support and in all kinds of creative hatchings in this endeavor with David Suzuki Foundation, UBC Botanical Gardens, SFU’s Faculty of the Environment, and many others. If you are an organization who wants to work on climate with artists, please email info(at) with the subject line BIG YES. We are looking for you, and for the opportunity to collaborate for change.

The Only Animal creates cultivates and inspires theatre work that arises from a deep engagement with place.