Artist Brigade

1000 Pop-Up Hearts
preparing paper hearts for Artist Brigade
1000 pop up hearts

Artist Brigade: bringing arts and artists to the front lines of the climate fight
ongoing from 2019 - 2023

Our goal is to bring imagination, vision and the heart of artists into the telling of the climate story in order to mobilize a society paralyzed by climate anxiety and grief. We work in cross-sector partnerships with those currently telling the climate narrative, environmental organizations, activists, scientists, journalists, and scholars. 

Artist Brigade is a leaderless, national movement to spark exponential growth of artists involvement. We launched in 2019 with three collaborations with the David Suzuki Foundation and Vancouver’s Sustainabiliteens. we created the Imagine-In, 1000 Pop-Up Hearts, and Futurefest Flash Mob.

We are inspired and supported in this endeavor with partners including David Suzuki Foundation, UBC Botanical Gardens, SFU’s Faculty of the Environment, and many others.

We are actively recruiting artists and organizations who want to collaborate on solutionary actions in this time of climate emergency. Email info(at) with the subject line BIG YES and join us. We are looking for you, and for the opportunity to collaborate for change. 

In our 21-22 season we are bringing together a cohort of 100 artists to join us for Greenhouse and ensuing field trips where artists can visit and experiences places where we can see the climate in crisis, and respond with ideas for artistic engagement. Some of those pitches will then be commissioned and produced by The Only Animal.

To apply for Greenhouse go here.

Please also consider signing up for our mailing list. Information about the Artist Brigade is sometimes communicated directly there and we want you to be in the know.