Cedar Board Game

Premiered August 24-25, 2013 at Synchronicity Festival, Sunshine Coast, BC

Inspired by human-scale chess on the streets of New York and the Permaculture movement, Cedar Board Game is a free, live, interactive, collaborative event for five families at a time. The Coast once supported 30,000 inhabitants and provided all of their sustenance with cedar known as the ‘mother’ of the culture. Nowadays, the same-size population on the Coast could not survive more than three days without supplies from the mainland. Cedar Board Game is a playful engagement with our local environment that features the five senses and your own ingenuity. We provide the giant game board. You and your kids, family and friends are the players.

Conceived & Directed: Kendra Fanconi

Production Manager: Colin Cooper

Technical Direction: Douglas Hagerman

Prop Design: Douglas Hagerman/ Dogwood Fine Woodworking

Sound Design: Eric Rhys Miller

Set Design: Kendra Fanconi with Colin Cooper, Douglas Hagerman & Riley McFerrin

Game Consultant: Justin French

Production Management: Colin Cooper

Guided by:

FORAGE Christy Neufeld

FISH Ruby Donahoe & Larkin Miller

HUNT Max & Finnegan Magnanensi & Heather Gatz

FIRE M. Pyress Flame

MUSIC Kerith & Linnea Stevens

Supported by the Province of British Columbia