The Club

The Club by Kendra Fanconi from Theatre Yes' National Elevator Project

October 16 - 27, 2013 in Edmonton, Alberta

Written by Kendra Fanconi. 
Produced by Theatre Yes' National Elevator Project along with 7 other new Canadian plays for elevators.
Commissioned by Magnetic North Theatre Festival. 

The Club is a playful look at the perfection of the random group who comes together in any elevator. Get ready to go up and get down!

"A few highlights [from the National Elevator Project]: "The Club" by BC playwright Kendra Fanconi,  maximizes the energy and fun of the confined space, and even manages to pack in a surprisingly resonant, woozy, confessional punch at the end."

"beautiful wistfulness"

"a fascinating experiment in standup theatre" Edmonton Journal

A sample from the script: "When I had my son, I remember walking sorta stunned into the city and seeing the people and thinking, “O God, all of us were BORN, every single one of us, that is how we all got here. There is no other way.” Naked, wrinkley, with kind of mushed-in noses, having arrived from our stint living inside another person. Other person as home. We all started there. We all know that. You know what I mean? I knew you would. I’m not that coherent when I am this sweaty. Are you?"