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Launching January 8, 2019, in partnership with David Suzuki Foundation

Everyone is affected by the climate crisis. But those under 25 are known as Generation Hot, because their entire lives will be shaped by global warming. What can any one of them (or us) do on this most critical issue?  The Only Animal created Greenlight as a way to move seven young creators from overwhelm into action. Will you meet them there?

Greenlight Artists are Edwardine Van Wyk, Mason Temple, Anais West, Sophia Wolfe, Teo Saefkow, Lisa Baran, and Pedro Chamale (pictured above). These artists were joined by videographer and mentor Sophia Dagher, and Artistic Director of The Only Animal, Kendra Fanconi. Operations Manager, At the beginning of our process, Colin Cooper and Allison Beugger hosted most of us on their homestead and off-grid retreat on Gambier Island, and we thank them so much for that! Also, our our gratitude to Greenlight speakers Tom Green, Christianne Wilhelmson, and Jesse Short for all of the inspiration they provided. Finally, we are grateful for the support from Vancouver Foundation, City of Vancouver, TELUS Community Fund, and Canada Council for the Arts that made Greenlight possible. And finally a big shout-out to David Suzuki Foundation for sharing our work with their networks to really dig into the big conversations over January and February of 2019! See ya out there, friends!

The Only Animal creates cultivates and inspires theatre work that arises from a deep engagement with place.