Hive 2: you and the moon

June 2008
Great Northern Way campus

A featured event in the 2008 Magnetic North Theatre Festival in Vancouver

HIVE 2 took over 2 warehouse spaces at the Digital Media Centre for a 9-day marathon of perspective-rocking, intimate, outrageous, and eclectic performances by 11 independent B.C. theatre companies. Building on the success of the original HIVE, the member companies of Progress Lab were commissioned by the Festival through a grant from Arts Partners in Creative Development. Veda Hille curated 9 bands for the after-show party each night, and Glenn Alteen of Grunt Gallery brought some seriously live artists to the cabaret space. Our installation you and the moon used interactive video, animated illustration, wild shifts of scale, and one very surprising performer to tell a love story for an audience of one.

"If you need proof that Vancouver is one of the most exciting theatre cities on the continent, head on down to Hive 2..." (Georgia Straight, Colin Thomas)
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"HIVE had bags of energy, crowded rooms, wonderful confusion and shoestring productions fired with inspiration and fun." (Plank, Andrew Templeton)
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"...the most exciting show I experienced during my week-and-a-half visit was a multi-dimensional, site-specific, collective creation, theatre extravaganza featuring 11 independent Vancouver companies. The show was


"...and it was pretty darn awesome."

(The Next Stage, Jessica Ruano)

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