How to Build a Bird Nest

How to Build a Bird Nest
an avian animation
June 13

Get set for an interspecies collaboration that can happen in your own back yard. Inspired by text from Tinkers novelist, Paul Harding, as adapted by Playwright Kendra Fanconi and created by animation artist Cindy Mochizuki and sound artist Nancy Tam. Watch at home, and be ready to build something new. You can do it with one-hand tied behind your back...

How to Build a Bird Nest is a part of a year of art in, around, and in support of the expanded Mt Elphinstone Provincial Park. The Only Animal makes art with a deep relationship to place. Elphinstone Logging Focus protects key forests and habitats. Together we are making a stand for trees. We invite you to stand up for your forest. Go here to help.

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This event is free but art-making isn't. Donations are gratefully accepted. Go here to help.