Lord of the Flies Remix

More about 2014 Summer Youth Project:


For youth who identify as male ages 14-17, this program offers theatre training, creation, production and performance opportunities.  Under professional artistic guidance you will build your own 100% original work inspired by the classic story "Lord of the Flies."  Then you'll present what you've made at the Vancouver Fringe Festival in a showcase performance!

We are gathering a diverse group of youth artists.  We will encourage multidisciplinary  responses: performers, musicians, writers, spoken word/poets, designers & makers are all welcome!  By following our participants own interest in the story, and providing guidance and an 'outside eye', we will integrate personal experiences  into a present tense remix of this classic story. 


A group of boys are suddenly thrown into the wilderness together.  All adult authority removed, total freedom.  But they must survive to enjoy it.  And survival means working together, building shelters, finding food, getting along and making decisions.  Together. The core story of "The Lord of the Flies" still resonates.  Adolescence continues to be an island where social roles and rules are learned, bent, broken, and forged again in the heat of conflict. Why do we go to the dark side?  How do we choose to be good?  What kind of person might we be when the crowd breaks bad? 


August 2 & 9 all-day workshops  in Vancouver
August 10-16 intensive theatre camp on Gambier Island
September 2 - 6 rehearsals in Vancouver (TBC)
September 7 showcase performance at Vancouver Fringe Festival

We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.