The One that Got Away

June 2007 | JCC Ottawa as part of Magnetic North Theatre Festival
February 2002 | Jewish Community Centre in Vancouver as part of the Chutzpah! Festival

Winner Audience Choice Award, Magnetic North Theatre Festival 2007: Favourite Show in History of Festival

An Underwater Play by Kendra Fanconi, created with Electric Company Theatre. Produced by Electric Company & The Only Animal in partnership with the Norman Rothstein Theatre & Jewish Community Centre of Greater Vancouver.

Directed by Kim Collier. Stage Managed by Jan Hodgson

The One that Got Away tells the story of a girl with a fish where her heart should be, chasing her rapscallion grandfather into an afterlife reckoning with love and loss. This play-in-a-pool combines narrative, music and innovative water staging in a tale of submerged Jewish identity. It premiered in Vancouver, Canada as a co-production with Electric Company and the Norman Rothstein Theatre, and received 11 nominations and 4 Jessie Awards including Best Production of 2002.

If you're interested in reading the synopsis of The One That Got Away, feel free to download it here in PDF format.

For a script excerpt, download it here in PDF format.

"Slippery as a fish. The One That Got Away almost defies description. Row, row, row your butt down to the Chutzpah! festival at the Jewish Community Centre to see this strange beauty for yourself, because no amount of description can convey the magic floating through many of its moments..." (Vancouver Sun, Peter Birnie)

"Vancouver's rise as the country's centre for physical theatre continued unabated with more inventiveness...With Kendra Fanconi staging The One That Got Away, about the death of her much-married grandfather, in a swimming work was the order of the day." (Globe and Mail, Kate Taylor)