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Send Word

Send Word

Send Word

a free piece for Vancouverites and the mountains they overlook

As a Vancouverite, you know probably know a few mountains:  Seymour, Cypress and Grouse. You have watched the sunset turn the Lions’ pink. But do you know the other mountains you can see from your neighbourhood? Do you know Crown, Sky Pilot, and Cathedral? How about Dam Mountain and Deeks Peek? If you have seen them there, consider one you know, if not by name, then by silhouette…

Does it speak to you?

What about? Of constancy or courage? Of time or immensity? Do you take comfort from the mountain its ability to sit still, or do you think of scree, that slow deterioration in a universe moving inexorably towards chaos?

Well then.

What would you like to say back?

Send Word, is an attempt to draw us into conversation with places we love. What would you say to a mountain you looked upon for years? What would it say back? Send Word is this communication, small-scale and personal, but also elemental and epic in turns. These are fragile times, with catastrophic species loss, and eco-system imbalance. Even the trees are leaving, migrating north as fast as they can, to escape warming trends... Send Word isn’t overtly political, but it speaks to the reality of this climate moment: communicating with the natural world is an issue of survival. And we know it.

The Only Animal creates cultivates and inspires theatre work that arises from a deep engagement with place.