Treasure Trail

April 16, 2016 - present
an artistic spin on geocaching

This is geocaching as you've never seen it before. The Only Animal's artists create hidden treasure troves on ecological themes. Discover what is hiding in the great green.

If you missed the launch day—never fear, you can experience Treasure Trail on your own. 

First step: download one of these two apps. (we have tried many and HIGHLY recommend one of these two for this experience)
"Free GPS" by CodeBurners for iPhone
"GPS Essentials" for Android

Then, print out be the chart below, so that you can enter the coordinates one by one as you go . 

Note that the apps associated with are not useful for this event unless you have a Premium membership because there is little cell coverage at the site. The GPS on smartphones still works without cell coverage. However, if you want an intro to geocaching, visit

Be prepared for the weather, with walking shoes and water. Some nearby caches are appropriate for kids and families, and some are farther away and more appropriate for hikers with stamina. 
The coordinates and basic cache descriptions can be downloaded at the link below. These will also be available at the trailhead.

Directions to Treasure Trail
Download Here: directions_to_treasure_trail.pdf

From Hwy 1, heading from Gibsons to Roberts Creek.
Turn Right up the B & K road. There is a sign for Sunshine Coast Equestrian Centre there.
You will pass the power lines. Keep Going.
You will pass a sign that you are leaving the provincial park, and another that you are leaving Roberts Creek. Keep going.
At about 3 minutes from the highway, You will come to a fork in the road. Bear LEFT at the Roberts Creek/Flume forestry road.
You will pass a large clearing on your right, a small bridge which you will go over. Keep going.
The road will split. Bear RIGHT and slightly uphill.
Look for a banner that says the Health Trail on your left. You will be about 6 minutes from the highway at this point.
You are at the Trailhead #2 entrance to the Health Trail.  Park along the road and join us at our tables.

Treasure Trail is a part of a year of art in, around, and in support of the expanded Mt Elphinstone Provincial Park. The Only Animal makes art with a deep relationship to place. Elphinstone Logging Focus protects key forests and habitats. Together we are making a stand for trees. We invite you to stand up for your forest. Go here to help.

This event is free but art-making isn't. Donations are gratefully accepted. Go here to help.