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Typing Pool

Doris in Typing Pool
Close-up of the audience fully employed...

Typing Pool

a piece for 6 typewriters and the great outdoors

by Caroline Sniatynski and Kendra Fanconi


We aim to change the world in 75 words a minute, ding! Typing Pool is an audience-immersive experience in translating the narrative of place. It is imagined for citified wildernesses of all description. You,our audience, are recruited as the Typing Pool and provided with tools for dictation. Before you is a story writ in landscape--it could be the harbor and woods, a cloudscape, a garbage barge, a stream of humanity, or fabulously priced harbour-front real estate. Your job is to take the dictation and get it down. Part natural narrative, part cadaver exquis, part strenous digit exercise, it is your job to give voice to what you see: the tensions between the nature and human nature, the narrative of waste, the residents, animal, vegetable and mineral. Typing Pool is a duration piece that makes time for the twenty-six letter in infinite array, and combines the voice of each pool, the times of each day, the days of each place, to build the multiple perspectives on just one place. 


Premiered at SKAMpede in Summer of 2018

Available to tour, please contact

The Only Animal creates cultivates and inspires theatre work that arises from a deep engagement with place.