Lighting Design

Bill with the set modelName: Bill Hales

Role on Nothing But Sky: Lighting Designer, Co-Set Designer, Audio Avatar

How did you first get connected to The Only Animal?

Colin emailed me to talk (complain?) about Kendra's desire to do a play in a 44' diameter igloo. The world's biggest igloo had collapsed at 32'. I suggested he look at a geodesic dome. Later that year Colin and I had finished a scuba dive in Nanaimo and were meeting with Kendra and Eric to look at a dome. Kendra was explaining the project and the concept of using a dome to me when Colin said that it was my idea to try a dome. I explained that I was a theatre technician and designer and not not just a scuba bum (my true dream) and within a couple of minutes I was on NiX as the lighting designer.