Set Design

Bill with the set modelName: Bill Hales

Role on Nothing But Sky: Lighting Designer, Co-Set Designer, Audio Avatar

How did you first get connected to The Only Animal?

Colin emailed me to talk (complain?) about Kendra's desire to do a play in a 44' diameter igloo. The world's biggest igloo had collapsed at 32'. I suggested he look at a geodesic dome. Later that year Colin and I had finished a scuba dive in Nanaimo and were meeting with Kendra and Eric to look at a dome. Kendra was explaining the project and the concept of using a dome to me when Colin said that it was my idea to try a dome. I explained that I was a theatre technician and designer and not not just a scuba bum (my true dream) and within a couple of minutes I was on NiX as the lighting designer.

Keith hard at work on Nothing But SkyName: Keith Murray

Role on Nothing But Sky: Video Designer, (Co-)Set Designer, Lead Animator and Illustrator. Make-up Designer.

How did you first get connected to The Only Animal?

I first joined up with Kendra and the Animals on NiX in Calgary in 2009, to design videos to be projected on the ice and snow set, and giant dome. It has been a pretty amazing relationship ever since.

How long have you been working on Nothing But Sky?

Since conception about two years ago.