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Treasure Trail

Treasure Trail
an artistic spin on geocaching
April 16, 2016*

This is geocaching as you've never seen it before. The Only Animal's artists create hidden treasure troves on ecological themes. Discover what is hiding in the great green.

If you missed the launch day—never fear, you can experience Treasure Trail on your own. 

First step: download one of these two apps. (we have tried many and HIGHLY recommend one of these two for this experience)
"Free GPS" by CodeBurners for iPhone
"GPS Essentials" for Android


Creeker: a watershed sound walk for the city


Creeker is an intimate listening experience for one that challenges how we are in the city.  Walk city blocks with sound artist Nancy Tam as she guides you into unexpected places. Creeker displaces the rhythms and sounds of Roberts Creek, from the ocean to the headwaters, onto the urban landscape. A lucid dream of the forest and stream, mapping the primeval flow onto the urban now.

From Sticks & Stones, Created by The Only Animal and the Adeline Collective, ‘Deer’ designed by Kat Binns, performed by Robert Leveroos. Photo Credit: Lukas Engelhardt.

Sticks & Stones

Sticks & Stones
a forest puppet show






December 20th, 2015
a solstice night hike


Gathering of Giants

Gathering of Giants
a forest film festival
6pm til late (FREE)
@ this is it





7 STORIES OF RISK from 7 Emerging Writer-Directors

An Immersive Augmented Reality Experience

The City and The City

Upintheair Theatre and The Only Animal Present The City and The City
Adapted by Jason Patrick Rothery from the novel by China Miéville
Presented with PuSh International Performing Arts Festival
January 24 - February 5, 2017




What does it mean to “unsee” another person, an incident…an entire city?

Dawn Petten as Joanne in Nothing but Sky, created by The Only Animal Photo/makeup by Keith Murray

Nothing But Sky

The Only Animal is known for it’s imaginative locales, creating theatre in swimming pools, in a theatre of snow and ice, and on False Creek. Their new offering, Nothing But Sky, takes place inside a live drawing with the story of the Canadian who first drew Superman.

Meet Joe, the artist, his best friend, Jerry, the writer, and Joanne, the original model for Lois Lane and the girl they both love. Get on board the skyrocket as their creation goes from slushpile to the most popular Superhero of all times. The play becomes a living comic book, where real and drawn characters merge as we discover that our closest friends are equal parts Villain and Hero. But the real danger comes when DC Comics gets a hold of Superman, and what you created might return to destroy you.

With 3-D projection mapping, panelled action sequences, and an animation team that includes Paul Dutton (Academy Award winner for Triplets of Belleville,) Nothing But Sky is a comic book biopic, where we leap off the cliffs of artistry and love… and hope that we can fly.

Tinkers by The Only Animal, photo by Sophia Dagher, From Left to Right Nancy Tam, Kiana, Asha


Roberts Creek, BC on the Sunshine Coast
July 25 - August 7, 2016 @ 7 PM
With matinees on July 31, August 1,6,7 @ 2 PM
No Shows Tuesdays

Lord of the Flies Remix


The Only Animal creates cultivates and inspires theatre work that arises from a deep engagement with place.