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The One that Got Away

The One that Got Away tells the story of a girl with a fish where her heart should be, chasing her rapscallion grandfather into an afterlife reckoning with love and loss. This play-in-a-pool combines narrative, music and innovative water staging in a tale of submerged Jewish identity. It premiered in Vancouver, Canada as a co-production with Electric Company and the Norman Rothstein Theatre, and received 11 nominations and 4 Jessie Awards including Best Production of 2002.

dog eat dog photo by Tim Matheson

dog eat dog

dog eat dog leaps from parallel worlds, to the real world with five true stories, inspired by recent news reports. The Only Animal is on the hunt for survival tactics: tracking a refugee from Hurricane Katrina, a Sasquatch stalker, an unlikely escape artist, a feral grocery clerk, and the woman who holds the world record in grilled cheese consumption. Truth is there, somewhere in the cultural-Cusinart of song-lyrics, CBC, natural disasters urban myths, prison art, roadside attractions, and competitive eating contests.

Hive 1: Bedsheet Tempest

HIVE is a performance event created by 11 of Vancouver and Victoria's creation-based theatre companies. In 2006, these companies created 11 intimate performances for audiences ranging from one person to twenty. The event used every corner of The Chapel, a converted funeral home that is now a venue and art gallery in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. The Only Animal's contribution sampled text from Shakespeare's The Tempest to reveal the nocturnal struggles of a couple on the rocks. Infesting hallways, parlours, a billiard room, the former embalming room, gallery space, garages, dumpsters, and more: HIVE proved to be a momentous demonstration of the fierce creativity and collaborative spirit that fuels this generation of theatre artists.

Other Freds

Winner: Jessie Richardson Award for Significant Artistic Achievement - Expanding the Scope of Site-Specific Theatre in Vancouver

Possibly the largest and most audacious site-specific theatre show Vancouver has ever seen. Other Freds is the story of a lonely fella named Fred and all of the Other Freds existing in nearby parallel worlds. It is about chance, fate and the possibilities that await us and our city in parallel worlds.


The Only Animal creates cultivates and inspires theatre work that arises from a deep engagement with place.