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Other Freds

  • closeup of a surprised actor in a yellow hat and red vest

Winner: Jessie Richardson Award for Significant Artistic Achievement – Expanding the Scope of Site-Specific Theatre in Vancouver

Other Freds was possibly the largest and most audacious site-specific theatre show Vancouver has ever seen. Other Freds is the story of a lonely fella named Fred and all of the Other Freds existing in nearby parallel worlds. It is about chance, fate and the possibilities that await us and our city in parallel worlds.The cast included a core of professional actors and musicians and 200+ community members involved in the show, plus two dozen boats, birds and bicycles. Other Freds played to a combined audience of 2500 Vancouverites and visitors, over its 12-performance run.


DATE: July 2005

VENUE: Granville Island

WITH: CMHC / Arts Club

Director / Writer

Kendra Fanconi

Fred 3 / General Movement Coach

Eric Rhys Miller

Production Manager

Colin Cooper

Stage Manager

Marcie Hyde

Fred 1

Jamie Long

Fred 7

Colin Heath

Fred 2

Shaun Phillips

Fred 4

Tom Jones

Fred 5

Shawn MacDonald


Sarah Donald


Russell Sholberg


Alison Jenkins


Bessie Wapp


Courtney Dobbie


Mark Sylvester


Ben Rogalsky

Co-Assistant Director bar

Susan Bertoia

Co-Assistant Director bar

Camille Gingras

Bar Right Hand-Seniors

Jenny Hereward

Bar Left Hand-barmaids

Lena Huggett

Bar / Marcie's ASM

Sebastian Kroon

Cameo Right Hand

Barb Pollard

ASM Cameo

Corrine Hagen

Co-Assistant Director-Youth

Patricia Collins

ASM Youth

Jordan Both

Assistant Director-kayak

Angela Ferreira

Kayaking Instructor

Alisoun Payne

Kayak Hand 1

Suzie Payne

Kayak Hand 2

Chelsea McPeake

Kayak Hand 3

Sara Graefe

Kayak ASM

Helina Patience

Co-Assistant Director-Youth

Spencer Herbert

Assistant Director-cruise

Tracey Power

Right Hand-Cruise

Heather Johnston

ASM - Cruise

Izzy Rubin

Co-Assistant Director-bikes

Heidi Taylor

Co-Assistant Director-bikes

Gosia Santor

ASM - bikes

Graham Boyes

Choir Director

Barbara Tomasic

ASM Choir

Maria Jelavic

Water Upstream

Dave Evans

Water Downstream

Aaron Wicks

Crew - Left Hand

Katie Rainesly

Crew - Lx

Gal Minnes


Alisa Lokshin

Crew - costumes

Niki Boyd

Crew - costumes

Elsie Chow

Volunteer Coordinator

Maureen Sawasy

TD / Lighting Designer

Darren Hales

Costume Design

Kate King

Graphic Designer

Andreas Kahre


Sydney Cavanagh


Hazel Venzon

Ted, Sponsorships

Dave Mott


Daniel Martin


Kyla Read


Lee Vincent


Emma Lancaster

Roundhouse Arts Programmer

Elizabeth Kidd

CMHC Arts Programmer

Gloria Laree

Arts Club Dramaturg

Rachel Ditor

Dramaturg/Panel Facilitator

Amy Lynn Strilchuk


Allyson McGrane


Michael Sider


Kris Krug