As artists, we are so over with the Anthropocene, that is, our current geological epoch marked by planetary and climate changes driven by one species: humanity.  This season, The Only Animal begins artwork of the EcoZoic Era, that is, when humans live in a mutual relationship with Earth and all forms of life herein.  We are calling for, and creating work that is green, not just because we recycle the set, or use carbon offsetting, but because art itself gives back to the earth, the work itself is ecological restoration, combined with our own vivacity and fun. Read about our projects below, and visit the Artist Brigade to join us in this work. And, if you like, scroll down and see the wild work of the last 17 years that brought us to this moment.


The Thousand Year Theatre

Year 1: The 1000 Year Theatre Year 7: Cedar Window Year 25: ephemeral stream https://youtu.be/D9OiLz7kDOs The Thousand Year Theatre The Thousand Year Theatre started as an idea to plant a botanical ‘set’ from BC’s native forest species that will take a millennium to...

Etuaptmumk/Two-Eyed Seeing: Ways of Being and Seeing

Knowledge is story. But what happens when the stories are lost? Where do we turn to understand what we value? What leads the way? And how do we find the words in a language we do not speak?  Etuaptmumk/Two-Eyed Seeing is a gathering of stories that can lead us on our...

Year 7: Cedar Window by Cody Chancellor

Come watch as the forest grows up around you. Gaze through the silhouette of the future and see the juvenile grow to be a giant. Watch the theatre of the forest. Bring patience, it's going to be a long performance! https://youtu.be/D9OiLz7kDOs The Thousand Year...

Year 25: ephemeral Stream By Julie Andreyev and Lara Felsing

Walk the elk trail, listen to the raven, hear the grouse’s beat, touch the young Cedar’s leaf tips. ephemeral stream is an embodied interactive experience about our coastal forest relations. The site follows an ephemeral stream — a stream activated  by...

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