Discover what is hidden in the big green. The Only Animal’s artists create hidden artistic treasure troves on ecological themes. This is geocaching as you’ve never seen it before. Wear sensible shoes and weather-appropriate clothing.

Treasure Trail is a part of a year of art in, around, and in support of the expanded Mt. Elphinstone Provincial Park. The Only Animal makes art with a deep relationship to place. Elphinstone Logging Focus (ELF) protects key forests and habitats. Together we are making a stand for trees.

Treasure Trail is created by The Only Animal and directed by Kendra Fanconi, with Kelly Backs of Tree Studios, Dean Schultz, Cody Chancellor & Jen Norquist, and kids from Roberts Creek Elementary School and geocache aficionado, Liam Kearns (he’s found more than 3000 geocaches and hidden over 30 himself).

We take theatre where it has never been before.