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  • a reflection in the pond of actors and audience

Tinkers is an adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize winning novel by Paul Harding. This new transcendentalist work features an intimate and dazzling relationship with the natural world, woven into a story of family karma.  Through an intergenerational story we meet a young boy and his search for his long-lost father Howard, the epileptic peddler with donkey and wagon, estranged from his family, and ever-ecstatic in his relationship with nature. Tinkers asks us how we collect together all the pieces of a relationship that has come apart, and tinker, tinker to bring it together again.

With a growing set crafted by German environmental art star, Cornelia Konrads, an off-grid sound score and puppets made from found materials, Tinkers looks at how people creating in nature exemplify the transcendent possibilities of Human Nature.



DATE: August 2016

VENUE: Crystal Creek, Sunshine Coast

WITH: Adapted from the novel by Paul Harding

Kendra Fanconi

Director/ Writer

Colin Cooper

Production Manager

Flo Barrett

Costume Designer

Kat Binns

Props/ Pupper Designer

Viviane Houle

Sound Designer

Cornelia Konrads

Installation Designer

Carl Schlichting

Set/ Puppet Designer

Heidi Taylor


Cody Chancellor

Site Coordinator/ Additional Design

Liam Kearns

Production Coordinator

Sophia Dagher


Sarita Moodie

Design Assistant

Nancy Tam

Assistant Sound Design

Trish Thompson


Katie Anderson

Volunteer Coordinator

Julia Haslet

Production Assistant

Stephanie Elgersma

Megan/ Puppeteer

David King

George Sr.

Nancy Tam


Paul Ternes


Bessie Wapp


Conor Wylie


Kelly Backs

Cullen/ Harry Miller

Gord Austin

Dr. Box/ Freddy

Benjamin Golderberg

Levanseller/ Jimmy

Susan Rekers

Homesteader/ City Woman 1

Jill Shatford

Pickaxe/ City Woman #2

Jeanette Muirhead

Child actor DARLA

Asha lui-Heneke

Child actor--MARJORIE

Gabriel Ryan

Child actor - GEORGIE

Althea Hume

Child actor MARJOIRIE

Kiana Hamlin

Child actor--DARLA

Cael Read

Child actor--JOE

Kelly Backs

Cullen/ Harry Miller

Max Backs

Child actor--JOE

Johanna Goldenberg

Child actor - Levensellar's/ Jimmy's Daughter