“The sun is about to go down. This is the Magic Hour.
The term refers to the light that makes everything look more beautiful.”

The Magic Hour

The Only Animal and friends welcome you to the VR version of last summer’s immersive show, The Magic Hour. The Magic Hour is a light-charged story of finding beauty in small moments and possibilities within domestic isolation.

Created and conceived by award-winning theatre director Kim Collier with playwright Kendra Fanconi, the original show invited you to go on an individual experience on a solo room-by-room exploration of familiar, yet-transformed spaces at Presentation House Theatre.

Guided through scenes by rich audio, video, lighting and stagecraft, and created in collaboration with Vancouver’s Innovation Lighting and Presentation House Theatre, Kim describes the piece as “A lovesong for the possibility of change in even the most static of situations”.

Please enjoy the full VR experience below, which can also be viewed as a normal video. There is also an illustrated script for your viewing pleasure.



You can check out the illustrated script of The Magic Hour by clicking the image below.