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National Elevator Project: The Club

  • Three photos of open elevators next to each other. In the first elevator are two actors in hazmat suits with one actor in front in a suit; there is "do not cross" tape across the entrance. In the second elevator, there is a person in a brown dress facing out with a party of celebrating people behind. In the third elevator there is a person in the center facing out in a black skirt and green top. Behind and around them there are 5 actors in squirrel mascot outfits.

Theatre Yes partnered with 14 local and national theatres, play development centres, and festivals who provided the funds to commission 16 playwrights to write 5-10 minute plays that explore the ritual of the elevator ride. The National Elevator Project is utterly unique in content, structure and execution.

The plays invite audiences to enter elevators with actors providing, distinctive, hyper-intimate theatrical experiences which developed themes of transformation in which elevators are both location and metaphor for the moments in our lives in which we are changed irrevocably. These are works built to capitalize on the restrictions and opportunities elevators create. They use the uneasiness which people feel sharing confined public spaces to open up and expand the boundaries of what audiences believe theatre can be.

The Club, written by our very own Kendra Fanconi, is a playful look at the perfection of the random group who comes together in any elevator. Get ready to go up and get down!


DATE: October 2013

VENUE: Edmonton AB

WITH: Theatre Yes / Magnetic North Theatre Festival


Kendra Fanconi