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NiX (Whistler)

  • a very cold looking actor with a frozen glass bird in her hand

NiX is Canada’s first theatre of snow and ice.  This theatrical adventure follows two survivors and an arsonist through the fireworks at the end of the world. NiX is a frozen fantasy, complete with a flaming tuba, a snowman death scene and an explosive love story that will melt the coldest of hearts.

Developed with Alberta Theatre Projects and Ghost River Theatre. It premiered at the 2009 Enbridge playRites Festival in Calgary.


DATE: February 2010

VENUE: Lost Lake, Whistler

WITH: The Vancouver Olympics

Director/ Playwright/Co-Artistic Director

Kendra Fanconi

Co-Artistic Director

Eric Rhys Miller

Technical Set Design/ Production Manager

Colin Cooper

Technical Director

Jed Tomlinson

Set Design

Carl Schlichting

Lighting Design

Bill Hales

Costume Design

Deneen McArthur

Composer/ Sound Designer

Mark Sylvester

Video Designer

Keith Murray

Stage Manager

Marcella Helmer

Assistant Stage Manager/ Assistant Technical Director

Gavin Somers

Snow Sculpting Assistant

Simone Schlichting

Snow Sculpting Assistant

Andreas Schlicting

Snow Sculpting Assistant Representative

Lesha Koop Hines

Vivid Lighting Technician

Melissa Powell

Bar Manager

Michael Fitzpatrick

Bar Manager Representative

Rick Cooper

FOH Manager Representative

Sherry Cooper


Michael Sider


Athlyne Etienne

Sponsors/School Groups

Lisa Oppenheim

Associate Producer

Nita Bowerman


Jennie Esdale


Rylan Wilkie

Pregant Woman

Natascha Girgis


Andy Kimber


Ricardo Fonseca

Setup crew

Miles Lavkulich

Setup Crew

Calum Smith

Setup Crew

Sarah Mansikka

Setup Crew

Pascale Thibodeau

Setup Crew

Brian St. Amand

Setup Crew

Naomi Sider

Strike Crew

Alllison Beugger