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  • "Generation Hot Waterborne" poster

“Every [one] on earth born after June 23, 1988 belongs to what I call Generation Hot. This generation includes some two billion young people, all of whom have grown up under global warming and are fated to spend the rest of their lives confronting its mounting impacts.” Mark Hertsgaard Through Generation Hot: Waterborne, a five-month mentorship program, The Only Animal and Vancouver Fringe Festival are supporting and presenting the work of seven writer-directors ages 17-24. Thanks to support from the Telus Community Foundation as well as RBC’s emerging artist program, these young artists have participated in free workshops creating short works for this year’s Fringe. Each participant has found a personal response to a chosen site on Granville Island and the theme of Water. Two programs of these short works will run in rep during the 2017 Vancouver Fringe Festival from September 7-16, 2017.


DATE: September 2017

VENUE: Granville Island

WITH: Fringe Festival

Artistic Producer

Eric Rhys Miller

Production Manager

Colin Cooper

Stage Manager

Lisa Goebel

Twenty Feet Away

Sarah Dunn

Twenty Feet Away

Dayna Hoffmann


Sultan Owaisi


Brenda Munoz

O Sanada

Douglas Ennenberg


Julia Siedlanowska


Kanon Hewitt