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dog eat dog

  • five actors on the stage of an exploding set

Nominated for Jessie Award: Outstanding Production, Small Theatre

dog eat dog featured five true stories inspired by recent news reports. The Only Animal is on the hunt for survival tactics: tracking a refugee from Hurricane Katrina, a Sasquatch stalker, an unlikely escape artist, a feral grocery clerk, and the woman who holds the world record in grilled cheese consumption. Truth is there, somewhere in the cultural-Cusinart of song-lyrics, CBC, natural disasters urban myths, prison art, roadside attractions, and competitive eating contests. Come with us as we take narratives to the nth degree to find out what it means to stay human in a world gone to the dogs.


DATE: January 2007

VENUE: Performance Works

WITH: Push Festival - Satelite Show


Kendra Fanconi


Eric Rhys Miller

Asst Director/Asst Producer

Nita Bowerman

Assistant Producer

Lindsay Reoch

Stage Manager

Marcella Hyde

Assistant Stage Manager

Susan Currie


Eric Rhys Miller

Actor (Clementine)

Vanessa Richards

Actor (Gorrion)

Parnelli Parnes

Actor (Hampster)

Tanya Marquardt

Actor (Slappy)

Derek Metz

Technical Set Design/Production Manager

Colin Cooper

Set Design Intern

Naomi Sider

Co Lighting Design

Jonathan Ryder

Co Lighting Design

Erin Harris

Sound Design/Foley Artist

Bill Moysey

Costume Design

Mima Preston


Michael Sider


Alan Hindle


Linda Williams

Box Office Manager

Barbara Pollard