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Generation Hot

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“Every [one] on earth born after June 23, 1988 belongs to what I call Generation Hot. This generation includes some two billion young people, all of whom have grown up under global warming and are fated to spend the rest of their lives confronting its mounting impacts.”  Mark Hertsgaard Climate change requires that our societies evolve, quickly and creatively. The Only Animal believes the arts have an important role to play. Generation Hot invites younger artists to take part in theatrical action in this climate moment. Artists around the world are responding to the most urgent issues of our times, using creativity to go beyond the shock headlines and the paralysis of anxiety to look for the possibilities inside crisis. What stories are necessary now? What experiences do we need to share? What kind of visions might give us hope? 10 lead artists ages 17-24 responded to our call and participated in this 5 month mentorship program with The Only Animal.  8 original works were created and premiered by 68 collaborating artists:


DATE: September 2016

VENUE: Granville Island

WITH: Fringe Festival

Artistic Producer

Eric Rhys Miller

Production Manager

Colin Cooper

Mentor / Workshop Leader

Mia Amir

Technical Director

Pedro Chamale

Venue Technician

Michelle Williams

Disposable Generation

Madelyn Osborne


Krys Yuan


Kanon Hewitt

Living on the Grid

Olivia Etey

Saving Mother

Crystal Smith de Molina

Apocalypse Parade

Keely O'Brien

Apocalypse Parade

June Fukumura

Lilacs That Come

Ariel Martz-Oberlander

Cosmic Justice

Nelson Ellis

Cosmic Justice

Howard Dai