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Mentoring, Front Line Action

Art of Resistance

  • a young person with a bullhorn at a protest

Everyone is affected by climate crisis. But those under 25 are known as Generation Hot, because their entire lives will be shaped by global warming. Global youth protest is the new face of the climate movement. These youth are keen to innovate the tired motifs of protest into new, energetic art. Our role is to provide them tools to revitalize the art of protest to reflect a new generation of creative change makers. Art of Resistance is an arts mentorship program for youth empowering them to innovate their revolution.


DATE: February - April, 2020


WITH: Vancouver Eastside Cultural Centre

Vancouver Eastside Cultural Centre Coordinator

Ariel Martz-Oberlander

The Only Animal Artistic Director

Kendra Fanconi

The Only Animal Production Manager

Colin Cooper

Videographer Mentor

Sophia Dagher

Theatre Mentor

Ariel Martz-Oberlander

Choreographer Mentor

Nita Bowerman

Puppet Mentor

Evan Rein

Puppet Workshop

Shiz Kai

Puppet Advisor

Stephanie Elgersma

Songwriting Mentor

Desiree Dawson

Spoken Word Mentor

Renae Morriseau


Lara Aysal