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If you just don’t have a Clue® about emergency prep….
If you think you have the Monopoly® on inertia…
If you are aware of the Risk®…but don’t know what you can do…
Then you are ready to play…

CATastrophe! is an open-plan, human-scale board game to test your resilience. It is a multi-generational, life-size adventure following a mischievous cat who causes disasters wherever he goes. Families or friend-groups travel through a cartoonish cityscape where they must solve survival conundrums to catch that dratted cat! This human-scale play is like a classic board game but 3-D, for constant, immersive challenges that teach key survival skills. It’s designed for fun: fast, simple, and full of surprises. Families go through an earthquake, escape a burning building, shelter in place, bug out, and Down, Danger, Dial their way out of harm’s way. Whether you do one or all of the scenarios, you’ll finally make it to Dude Chilling Park, where every team is a winner!

CATastrophe! uses embodied learning to imprint deeply skills that increase your resilience in a disaster scenario. With this gentle play we can reset expectations—a first responder will not be arriving. You need to be responsible as an individual, as a family and within a neighbourhood and we can teach you how.

Learn to survive 16 disasters in 20 minutes following 1 mischievous cat…


DATE: June 2019 (Workshop)

VENUE: Russian Hall

WITH: City of Vancouver Department of Emergency Management (VEMA)


Kendra Fanconi


Kendra Fanconi & Colin Cooper

Production Management

Colin Cooper


Heidi Wilkenson


Sophia Dagher

Special Thanks to Carly Benson and Daniel Stevens (VEMA)