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Field Trip

Forest In Danger

The Artist Brigade brings arts and artists to the front lines of the climate movement, and our inaugural 100-artist cohort came together for Greenhouse, and other trainings and weekly engagements. Then, they were invited on one of a series of field trips to sites where they could experience the climate in crisis, or climate solutions.

Our first field trip, Forest In Danger, took place at the SongBird Forest. Artists took a tour of a rare, low elevation coastal rainforest that is slated for logging and is a habitat of salmon, elk and wolf. The artists had a chance to learn from the shíshálh Nation and local forest watch groups about the cultural significance, history and habitat of this forest, and help come up with ideas to save it.

This field trip was facilitated by:



After this field trip, the attending artists were invited to dream up projects in their artistic disciplines, and pitch them to us. This work, as with all of the work with the Artist Brigade, was paid. The Only Animal selected Cathy Stubington’s pitch, In the SongBird Forest, which can be viewed here.

To take action to save the Songbird Forest:


DATE: February,2022

VENUE: SongBird Forest

WITH: The Artist Brigade


Sarah Lowis


Ross Muirhead


Bob O'neil


Hiwus Calvin Craigon

Creation & Curation

Kendra Fanconi


Peter Osnes

Video Editing

Jen Muranetz

Production Management

Colin Cooper


Liam Kearns