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Instructions for grieving this change/ instructions for changing this grief

  • A piece of paper is on a cement wall, in the background there is some greenery. The paper reads: The thing is, grief is not just crying. Photo by Adrienne Wong.

This piece was a commissioned piece that came out of the Sustainable Living field trip as part of this year’s Artist Brigade.

Artist Statement

Instructions for grieving this change/ instructions for changing this grief is a set of instruction guides inspired by conversations within Corey Hardeman’s climate grief circles and the instruction scores created by Yoko Ono and other Fluxus artists. Five artists from the Brigade were invited to write instruction pieces for grieving the social and/or environmental changes they perceive from changing climates. We created posters, postcards, and business cards with our poetic invitations and distributed them in meaningful public spaces for performance in the mind or space of encounter.



 Artist Bio

Kimberly Skye Richards is a settler scholar and dramaturg who engages performance as a vehicle for resisting extractivism, inspiring just transitions, and moving through impasses. She obtained a PhD in Performance Studies from the University of California-Berkeley in 2019, and was a Public Energy Humanities Postdoctoral Fellow in Transition in Energy, Culture, and Society at University of Alberta (2021). She co-edited an issue of Canadian Theatre Review on “Extractivism and Performance,” which won the 2022 Patrick O’Neill Award for editing (CATR). She currently teaching in the School of Journalism, Writing, and Media at the University of British Columbia and is on the Mission Circle of SCALE.


DATE: July 2022

VENUE: Sites of Encounter across the Lower Mainland

WITH: Kimberly Skye Richards

Curator/ Dramaturg

Kimberly Skye Richards

Participating Artist

Maria Angélica Guerrero

Participating Artist

Alyssa Martens

Participating Artist

Kelly McInnis

Participating Artist

Jackson Tegu

Participating Artist

Adrienne Wong


Mily Mumford