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Sectoral Climate Arts Leadership for the Emergency (SCALE)

Closeup of dandelions in bloom.

The Only Animal is a proud co-founder of a national network for artists and arts organizations working for radical change within our sector and beyond it in society at large. SCALE was born in the spring of 2021 when a small group of dedicated arts workers, in collaboration with Climate Emergency Unit, came together to establish a national hub at the intersection of climate and culture in Canada. The organization incorporated as a non-profit in December 2021. SCALE’s work is grounded in six Core Values and 12 Foundational Principles. Read about them here. SCALE understands efficacious action in arts and climate through the ’Three Modes’ framework articulated by David Maggs. Learn more here. SCALE carries out its mission at three levels. Learn more here.

If you are an artist or an arts organization and you want to be join SCALE, click here.