a play by Bryony Lavery
presented by The Only Animal & Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity

June 15 – 24, 2018 | Russian Hall, 600 Campbell Ave

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Welcome to the 3rd Annual SLIME conference. Join 100 animals, seven young translators, scientists and suits, and fellow humans and step just slightly in the future... Seated amongst the delegates, you might hear an otter swimming down an aisle, a dolphin whistling at your elbow or a seabird over your shoulder: animals too have something to say. We come together to face an insatiable creature,SLIME, which, like facebookslime or googleslime, is taking over. Ask yourself, “who is coming to save us?”The answer might surprise you….

Commissioned by the Banff Centre, and penned by Bryony Lavery, the acclaimed British playwright of Tony-nominated, Frozen, and developed with award-winning company, The Only Animal.

Director, Kendra Fanconi says, “I first met SLIME at the Playwright’s Lab in Banff as they were short an actor and I stepped in. At that point SLIME was only half-done, but I fell in love and every few months would write to Bryony and Ruth and ask if I could program it, when the Canadian rights ever became available… Bryony’s work premieres at British Theatre institutions like the National in London and I knew it could be some time. Eventually, a need came up to bring designers in to experiment and the process of design-based dramaturgy is second-nature to The Only Animal. We became development partners, and with ongoing support through 5 years with the Banff Centre, a play was born. When they offered us the World Premiere of SLIME, we were, as the Brits say, ‘chuffed’.”

Slime Creative Team:

Directed by Kendra Fanconi

Written by Bryony Lavery

Dramaturgy by Ruth Little

Set, Prop and Puppet Design/Coaching by Shizuka Kai

Lighting Design by William Hales

Animal Sound Library by Ira Jordison

Sound Design by James Coomber

Costume Design by April Viczko

Production Management by Colin Cooper

Stage Management by Anthony Liam Kearns *

Performed by: Lisa Baran, Pedro Chamale, Teo Saefkow, Anais West, Edwardine van Wyk, Sophia Wolfe, and Mason Temple

Creative and dramaturgical support by Brian Quirt, in the role of Director of the Banff Playwrights Lab.

*  appears with permission of Canadian Actors Equity Association under the DOT policy

Running time: 100 minutes