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World Premiere
June 15 - 24, 2018

Directed by Kendra Fanconi
Written by Bryony Lavery
Dramaturgy by Ruth Little
Set Design by Shizuka Kai

Performed by: Lisa Baran, Pedro Chamale, Teo Saefkow, Anais West, Eddy Van Wyk, & Sophia Wolfe.

Additional development with Conor Wylie, Douglas Ennenberg, & Carlen Escarraga.

Developed with the support of Banff Playwrights Colony.

SLIME is a work of sonic theatre about the impact of climate change on the 'great animal orchestra' - the biophony - in which we are immersed, and from which we have become dangerously disconnected by our infatuation with the sound of our own human voices. The play is set in a fictional conference on marine extinction. The audience are welcomed as conference delegates and seated amongst the animal delegates. You might hear an otter swimming down an aisle, a dolphin whistling at your elbow or a sea bird speaking over your shoulder:  animals too have something to say. We meet seven young interns in their roles as animal translators and ‘the adults’ the scientists and suits. We come together to face an absolute threat to life on earth—an insatiable creature taking over seas called SLIME. Like other forces in our 21st century lives, facebookslime or googleslime, SLIME moves with viral force, gobbling up all available resources. Humans enabled it, through depletion of the ecosystem, but nothing can stop it. This conference is the last hope for salvation for all life forms. Except SLIME.



The Only Animal creates cultivates and inspires theatre work that arises from a deep engagement with place.